Friday, October 12, 2018

Myths About Weight Training for Women

A Nashville, Tennessee, resident, Bianca Catherine Knight is a past community organizer for the Tennessee Disability Coalition who herself is legally blind, living with Leber’s hereditary optic neropathy (LHON). Through confidence and hard work, Bianca Catherine Knight has learned to thrive in spite of her diagnosis, and has enjoyed keeping active through regular workouts, which have included weight training.

Many women who begin an exercise routine often misunderstand the value of weight training, believing the following myths:

1. Weight training causes women to appear bulky. Arguably the most pervasive of all false myths about women and lifting weights is that the practice causes women to build too much muscle and leads to a large, bulky appearance. General weight training will not lead to the amount of muscle gain that most women imagine, as muscle gain of that magnitude requires a rigorous weight training schedule and diet plan.

2. Women should tone by using light weights and performing many repetitions. Using a very light set of dumbbells to complete a high number of repetitions is actually less likely to give a woman the toned appearance she wants, according to Fitness Magazine. Lean muscle mass is best created by using a heavier set of dumbbells and performing between 6 and 12 repetitions, depending on each woman’s goals.

3. Cardio has to be practiced before weight training for optimal weight loss. While cardio is an important part of weight loss and weight maintenance, a weight training regimen allows a woman to burn more baseline calories each day than cardio alone, even while her body is at rest.